Who are these cats?

When North Carolina native Rick Hauchman first moved to Copenhagen, he soon found himself playing and jamming with local members of the bluegrass community, and it didn’t take long before a small select group found themselves staying and picking together after everybody else had gone home for the night. The group soon shared ideas about starting a band, and from that idea, Lowlife Brotherhood found its form. Coming from backgrounds in both bluegrass, oldtime, and traditional Danish and irish music, the members share a passion for the hard-driving bluegrass sounds of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and the modern sound of 21st century bluegrass that is now the backbone of the Lowlife Brotherhood sound.

The band is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, but can regularly be found playing across Denmark and Southern Sweden.

Lowlife Brotherhood is:
Rick Hauchman: Guitar and vocals
Thyge Søndertoft van Dassen: Fiddle and vocals
Mathias Enevoldsen: Double bass
Lars Hansen: Mandolin and vocals
Johan Malmberg: Banjo and vocals
Daniel Olsson: Resophonic guitar